Sponsors and Donors


Most successful schools at the various levels (Primary, Junior High, High or College) in Jamaica attained such level of success because of the commitment of sponsors and donors from corporate citizen as well as individuals.  It is very admirable to get these sponsorship from corporations but it is more impressive when these sponsorship and commitment is received from past student of such schools.

Although this list is not in its entirety, Rio Bueno Primay School received sponsorship from the following corporations as well as individuals.  This information will be updated on a regular basis.  Please be patient if your name does not appear on the list.

Tankwell Metal Limited Various Sponsorship
Food for the Poor Various Sponsorship
HD Accounting LLC Back to School 2014
Candyland Preschool LLC Back to School 2014
Bayshore Used Tires LLC Back to School 2014
FDL Shipping LLC Back to School 2014
Trelawny Day Organizers Various Sponsorship
Broady Family Desk & Chairs (June 2014)
Trail Family 2 x J$50,000 Scholarship
Rohan Walker Learning Kits
Walker Family Various Sponsorship
Gary Mitchell Trophies for Regatta
Nadine Myers J$10,000 Donation
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hopwood 2 x US$1,000 Scholarship
Joe James Desk(2013)
Keanu Duncanson Back to School 2014
Veronica Richards Back to School 2014
Neville Bailey Back to School 2014
Viviene Bennett Back to School 2014
Douglas Walters Back to School 2014
Raymond Powell Back to School 2014
Fiona Williams Back to School 2014
Keith Russel Trophies