On behalf of The President and Officers of Rio Bueno Primary School Past Student  Association and the Principal and staff of Rio Bueno Primary School, we extend welcome to you.

It is a very exciting time here for us at the Past Student Association and we look forward to growth because of the new medium that is available to us.  We encourage all past students to become a member of the Past Student Association and enroll on the website.  All sponsorship and support received by the school will be highlighted on the website unless such action is forbidden by the donor.

The Rio Bueno Primary School is in a growth stage and having a past student at the helm makes it even more special.  The Rio Bueno Primary School Past Student Association is geared up and ready to go and we look forward to an exciting growth in the infrastructure at Rio Bueno Primary School, growth in the membership of the Past Student Association and an overall growth in the town of Rio Bueno. 

A minimal dues is now collected for membership to the Past Student Association, but it is now being reviewed and once approved it will be published for all to see.  In no way should you stop your kind donation to Rio Bueno Primary School or the Past Student  Association while this process is taking place.  Be assured that there will be complete transparency with regard to cash and any other matters of the Past Student Association.

This is new and exciting but we will have growing pains, but with your help we will overcome any obstacles.  The Past Student Association look to you for:

  • Suggestions as to how to improve our website and presentation of information

  • Telling others about the website and encouraging them to be a part of this great Association

Please understand that we will listen and review all suggestions but not all can be implemented.  Officers and current members are very excited about the Rio Bueno Primary Past Student Association and we hope you are too and look forward to some great times ahead. 

Members of the Past Student Association can be reached at the CONTACT US tab on the website


 Thank you